Blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, the Monteleone family encourages couples to trust God with their dreams of adoption.

The Monteleone Family

For Chris and Andie Monteleone, the decision to adopt was an easy one. From childhood, Andie always wanted to adopt. In fact, she had an image of a little Asian girl in her mind from her earliest memory. She grew up dreaming of adopting all her children.

Once they were married, Andie and Chris decided to try for one naturally as well as pursuing adoption someday. When Andie nearly died in childbirth, and they almost lost their daughter, Grace, doctors told them “no more.”

They began the adoption process, not knowing or caring which country their child would come from. They trusted God to lead them, and He did, right to the country of China.

However, 3 days after sending their dossier to China, Andie discovered she was pregnant. Since the birth of their first child was so traumatic, and doctors said a second child might not survive, they were understandably terrified. That’s when friends began to pray Psalm 40:3 over the pregnancy. They prayed that God would put a “new song in my mouth” through the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and that the baby would be strong and healthy. Soon after, they sent official word to the Chinese officials that they would delay their adoption by 6 months.

On February 22nd, Elizabeth Monteleone was born weighing in at nearly 9 pounds and healthy as a horse! The prayers of their friends had been answered.

Just two weeks later, they received a phone call from their adoption agency, telling them there was a referral packet waiting for them. Even though the Chinese adoption officials had delayed the adoption, the Monteleone's had been matched with a child. Clearly, God had another plan!

Suddenly faced with the decision to adopt, just 2 weeks after giving birth, the process seemed insurmountable! Learning they would go from 1-3 children in less than a year, they used their savings to buy a bigger house. Now, where would the money come from? How would they travel? Who would go? They needed God to give them confirmation that this was truly His plan.

They got that confirmation when Andie sent their child’s adoption referral off to a Chinese translator who told them they were having difficulty translating their daughter’s Chinese name. They needed to get it just right and would call back the next day. When the call came, they learned her name meant “New Song”!

All the prayers of Psalm 40:3 were coming fully into focus. They needed no other confirmation, and trusted God to provide and to fill in the details.

Three months later, with 2 ½ month old Elizabeth in tow and Grace home with the grandparents, the Monteleone family traveled to China to finally be united with their long-awaited, Olivia Joy.

The moment Andie saw her across the room, on the lap of an office worker, she saw the sweet, little face that had been in her memory since childhood.

Olivia’s name, “New Song”, turned out to be prophetic in more ways than one. Olivia started playing the violin at the age of 3, and has continued for more than 10 years.

Blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, the Monteleone family encourages couples to trust God with their dreams of adoption. He has a plan that is so much more than anything we could ever imagine.

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